Alexei Sychev head of Mobiba LLC

About Mobiba Company

Alexei Sychev
head of Mobiba LLC

«Mobiba» Company produces the equipment for family car tourism and rest, so called «sauna tourism». Any family in the world can go to the country by their family car and take with them (along with so commonly spread ball and barbecue) their own mobile sauna. This extends the possibility of having family rest in the country any season, under any weather conditions. Our product assortment includes sauna models with spacious heated rooms. So «Mobiba» mobile sauna is - «all-weather hottie»”.

The idea of sauna tourism has been already extensively supported in other countries, especially in Germany and Northern Europe, where the company’s products are now actively bought. There are also many «Mobiba» fan clubs. People take «Mobiba» with them to bathe in the ice holes and watch the Polar Lights. This is a healthy family rest with your personal sauna.

What makes «Mobiba» so different from other companies?